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Want to know everything and more about owners Steve and Michelle Lawson? You’ve come to the right place!We give GOD all the glory for our business. He opens all doors for us, just as only He can open them!
Michelle is from Chicago and Steve was born in South Florida. We are high school sweethearts who were married May 2001. We act like newlyweds, although it has been over 13 years!!

We have always loved photography, so it was an easy transition to become photographers who work and play together. Not only do we have the blessing of working as a husband and wife team, but our company has grown into an amazing group of handpicked Life Style photographers.  We adore them because they are energetic, hardworking, creative, and fun loving!  They are as passionate about taking beautiful images that capture a couple’s personality as we are.  This is because photography is really not a job to us. We all completely love what we do and are so blessed to be living out our passion.
We have 5 little boys who love art and photography, among so many things, and are always coming up with ideas to start their own businesses and work together.  We home school with them, so it is easy for them to explore the world with us! They also talk about being on our team one day……those little entrepreneurs! We love our family. Our goal is to spend so much time with our boys that when they grow up, they forget we actually had a “job”.

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AdamAbout me…. Lets see where to begin. My Wife Torrey and I have been married for almost 15 years and have two awesome boys Reuben and Judah. We share our house with a myriad of wildlife from fish to lizards to two rather large dobermans who are convinced that i am their mother. i have a condition known as as Repressed Pirate Syndrome ( RPS) and really do think that i am a pirate. I think i have passed that on to my boys because from epic cutlas battles to lightsaber duels there are always swashbuckling adventures happening in our home. A Camera has been an extension of my arm since i was 15 years old ( that was a really long time ago!) and i love every minute of my job.

Being a part of the Michelle Lawson team is awesome! No matter where we are or what we are shooting we have an absolute blast with each other and with our clients. When we are not on a job you can probably find us just hanging out with each other singing, dancing or just enjoying family. (we are not great singers or dancers, except for Steve, but we have fun!)
It is such an honor to be entrusted with the responsibility of telling your story and we do not take that lightly. I love capturing life’s moments through photos and on film. When I am behind a camera I become a storyteller with the purpose of telling Your story. I love being a part of weddings and capturing real life moments that will be artistic and indelible representations of who you are. Not staged, not perfect but real. Our films are an extension of our creativity designed to enhance your experience of one of the best days of your life.

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I’ve known Steve and Michelle for…so long now – We’re practically family! My wife and Michelle have been friends since MIDDLE SCHOOL and so Steve and I had no choice but to hang out together. Turns out not only do we get along as friends…but we’ve become tight like brothers – going on epic adventures around the world, building legendary forts for our kids and yes…working together shooting stellar photos and films for some incredible people!!

I always say I have the best job: spending time with beautiful people, on the best days of their lives. And whether that’s a family shoot to remember this stage of your story or capturing your whole wedding day so you can relive and remember it forever…I love what I do!!!

I’m a South Florida native and I’ve been behind a camera in both photography and video production for over 12 years now and enjoy the art of capturing who you are and telling your story. I am constantly amazed at how God has grown Michelle Lawson Photography and I can’t wait to see what He is going to do in the future and the fun new people I get to meet… Will that be you?

Let’s make some memories!!

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I am the chief editor of Michelle Lawson Photography and have been with the company since the beginning! I’m so blessed to live the life I do and working with my incredible family. It’s my goal to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for our brides and grooms. It is such a privilege. Editing these photos and making them into something more beautiful than anyone can imagine makes me so happy.

I am engaged to the absolute love of my life and best friend. One of the many joys of my life, I wouldn’t be me without him. We’re getting married next year, and we cannot wait!! I believe having fun and laughing through life is the best way to live. If there is no joy, there is nothing. I love the spontaneity of life. I love traveling the world and seeing the beauty of it all. One of my favorite things is being in a cute rustic walking town somewhere where I can just get lost. I love going into coffee and tea shops, grabbing a drink and a pastry and being on my way. Seriously, I’m good to go. One thing that I’m really known for is being a movie-line-quoter. Literally half of my vocabulary is movie lines. Many people can’t catch on to a lot of the things I’m saying except for my brother, Bryant, who’s also one of our main photographers here. We’re geniuses when it comes to movie lines. We’re all a huge hardworking team here at Michelle Lawson photography. We love what we do, having just a ton of fun and being silly all the time, and we hope to bring that same joy through your photos as well.
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Hi my name is Tara and I’ll be your blogger for today!  As the Michelle Lawson Photography wordsmith and creative do-girl, I pretty much have a hand in anything that needs proper grammar.  Except, of course, when I’m feeling particularly rebellious. Then, I’ll happily throw around dangling participles like nobody’s business.  I also am MLP’s secret weapon in Photoshop.  Wishing you could remove Aunt Gertrude’s grumpy expression from the background of that otherwise amazing photo? I’ll suddenly appear, laptop in one hand, stylus in the other, with the theme song from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly mysteriously emanating out of nowhere.

My husband and I met the Lawsons about a hundred years ago and our families have been best of friends ever since!  We eventually escaped to No-where-ville to live a simpler country life and only return to South Florida to do chalkboard art for the Lawsons and play with their kids. Meanwhile, I can often be found homeschooling my children, wrangling chickens, dogs, cats, hogs, goats and snakes, and growing my own food.



Caleb Lawson. At just 14 years old, Caleb is not only one of our team’s great editors, he’s also our oldest son and big brother to 4 brothers and 1 sister. An awesome homeschooler. An avid reader. He is compassionate, confident, funny and kind, and cares deeply of others.

This kid lives the life! Free to pursue the things he loves, he’s chosen to be a part of the Michelle Lawson team and honest to goodness, we are better for it!