SteveIf love for beards equals love for photography, then you’ll know exactly where Steve stands when you meet him. As the owner of Michelle Lawson Photography over the last 13 years, his devotion to the capture of beautiful images has grown deeper with every passing day.  (One might say photography is stuck on him like the crumbs he’s saving for later on his chin.)  His award-winning photography company gives testimony to the heart and soul put into each wedding, family, and moment–seeking out the story to be told while capturing raw, candid life.

It’s Steve’s heart for photography (and ultimately, the amazing brides, grooms and families) that led to the birth of the Bearded Bros Photography company.  His philosophy is this:  Leave no photography behind.  Everyone deserves beautiful pictures!  Bring clients the same outstanding quality of photos, personality and experience….but at a price that matches their budget.  His team of exceptional photographers have been hand-picked for their world-class creative talent, charming personalities, professional principles (and ridiculously awesome whiskers of course!).

When not running two photography companies, Steve can be found at home, gardening with his wife, homeschooling his 5 boys (and new baby on the way!) and grooming his facial hair.