Courtney + Justin | Wedding at Deer Creek Golf Club, Deerfield Beach Florida

Courtney and Justin’s wedding was one for the books. I mean when you have the Star Wars theme song playing and the bridal party forming a tunnel with light sabers while the bride and groom enter the reception, and the bride’s dad dress up as Darth Vader, you know it’s going to be a memorable experience! Courtney and Justin tied the knot at Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield Beach, Florida. They fell in love with that wedding venue because of the big chandeliers, wide open spaces, and beautiful cascading waterfall! And we don’t blame them for a second. We love shooting weddings there! We are so glad they chose us, Michelle Lawson Photography to shoot their dream South Florida wedding! We asked Courtney a few questions about her engagement proposal, wedding traditions, and much more. We’ve posted her answers at the bottom of the photo collage. Enjoy!
Below, Courtney tells us more about their how they met + wedding style:
How did you meet? We met through our mutual friend Lauren, who I went to nursing school with.
 It was July 5, 2013, I had gone out for the night with my friend Rachelle to
 see the new Minions 2 movie. Lauren convinced me to come back out to meet
 her best guy friend of 10 years, Justin. Justin was a charming, handsome man.
He caught my eye and asked me to dance, to the Backstreet Boys no less, and
he turned out to be the best dance partner I have ever had.
Proposal: On Pi day, 3-14-16, our 2nd anniversary, he asked for my hand in marriage at
the base of the Jupiter Lighthouse. We had just returned from our trip in Georgia,
we were visiting our grandparents, and it was my grandmother's 88th birthday. My
dad also flew up for my grandmother's birthday. That's where Justin asked my father
for permission to marry me.  The next day it was our second anniversary and so we
had planned on going to the Jupiter lighthouse like we do every year. Lucky enough
for Justin, before we climbed the lighthouse there was a woman who stayed behind
because she was afraid of heights, he saw his opportunity. We climbed the lighthouse
and he said, "let's give everyone else a chance we've seen this before." So we hurried
down the steps and Justin asked the woman who stayed behind to take a picture of us,
on top the the Jimmy Buffett paver. He then asked the woman to take a step back so the
lighthouse would be in the background. He then proceeded to kiss me and fumbled around
 in his pocket to grab the ring. He then knelt down and asked for my hand, and I could not get
a word out. I finally said yes. Lucky for us, the woman who took pictures took 1 million of them.
She started to cry and said, "I had no idea, can I have a picture with you all? This never happens!"
When did you meet? We met July 5, 2013. He asked me to be his girlfriend March 14, 2014 and proposed on March 14, 2016.
Wedding style: Our wedding style, romantic vintage, with light blues and light yellows. Some of our centerpieces
were light houses to represent our engagement.
What wedding special traditions did you incorporate into your wedding day:
At my family's weddings, the parents of the bride usually play a joke on the couple. The last
McConnell wedding, the bride's parents had bagpipes leading them out of their ceremony. My
parents decided to do a Star Wars salute, when they announced us as husband-and-wife walking
into the reception the DJ cued the Star Wars theme song and the bridal party had formed a tunnel
with light sabers. My dad then followed dressed as Darth Vader, we were so shocked!
 I wore my mother's Pearl necklace that she wore on her wedding day, and my grandmother who
also wore on her wedding day.
Why did you choose the venue you chose: We chose Deer Creek Golf Club because of the big beautiful chandeliers and the wide open space, as
well as the beautiful waterfall.

Decor: Top Notch Productions, His uncle, and Courtney's mom.
Hair/makeup: Beauty Couture Inc.- Jennette Sandifer
Dress: Bellissima Bridal (where Courtney purchased her first communion dress in 1998).
Tuxedos: Ted Berry
Officiant: Charles Gilbride
Steel Drums: Joey Bathol
Fun tip from Courtney: One of my bridesmaids, Rachelle, decided to play a joke on me and purchased
a onesie for my bachelorette party. So I decided to have a onesie party the night
before the wedding with all of my bridesmaids.

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