Arielle and Chris | Family shoot with their dog at Tree Tops Park

Arielle and Chris’ gorgeous family shoot was the perfect blend of good ole fun and a genuinely happy family with a well behaved furry friend! Their family photo shoot was at Tree Tops Park, in Davie Florida. Tree tops park is filled with ancient live oak trees that tower above and leave you speechless. Their ancientness creates a quiet mystery that lingers in the air and creates the atmosphere of a fairytale like land. No matter how many shoots / weddings we shoot there we don’t think it will be a view we will ever get tired of shooting. Along with the park’s gorgeous live oaks, there is a wood tree house (doubles as a viewing tower) amongst the giants, and a quiet dock nestled near the marsh wetlands. All are perfect locations to snap shots of Arielle, Chris and their furry pup. You may have to pinch yourself when looking at these photos because yes, we are still in Florida. We know, it feels out of this world majestic.


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