Adam Roberts





We Approach our film making in much the same way as we do our photography.  We ask ourselves what we wish we could have had on our wedding day.  Unlike most wedding videos that are are way too long and boring to watch in their entirety ,we take a different approach while still capturing the Beautiful moments of the day. We make it easy and convenient for you to experience your day over and over without having to sit through a 2 hour long documentary.

Wedding Feature Film

Our Wedding Feature Films are a beautifully crafted cinematic look at the entire day.  We take the time to tell your story as it unfolded so you can remember and relive the moments from the getting ready to the grand exit at the end of the night.  At approximately 7 to 10 minutes long, these films walk the viewer through the events of the day without having to dedicate 1 to 2 hours to watch.  Our Feature films are what Steve and I wish we had when we got married and what our brides and grooms cherish the most. Short enough to put on your phone or post to social media but long enough to tell your story and capture the moments that make your day unique and special.

Long Film

The long version of the film is a little more for archiving than for watching as a compelling movie.  in the long version we take the wedding feature and cut in the ceremony more live documentary style.  this version can vary greatly in length due to the nature of the ceremony. We also cut in an extended portion of the first dances and the toasts given at the reception.  This may not be the film that you watch over and over with friends but its a good to have archived.

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